The best applications to view movies online

Who has not passed that it has nothing to do a Saturday night, and does not feel like leaving home. A good alternative to spend time is search and watch movies onlineBut, what applications are the best to do so? There are free apps or is required to be registered? here‘s a list of some of them with their respective characteristics that will help you to spend some time entertaining, just having a computer or a mobile phone connected to the internet.

Videos for mobile and PC

YouTube is the most popular application for watching movies online. Albeit the playback time it is limited and it is likely that you have to see the film parts, it is almost certain that you will find the one you want. Application is very easy to use, either in the browser or downloading the same app for mobile, simply find the film you want by placing its name in the search box, and YouTube will show you matches; Choose the one you want and go! To enjoy.

If you have a mobile phone, it is very easy to download the YouTube app. If your phone has Android, application is downloaded from the Play Store or following this direction

If you have an iPhone, the app is free and you can download it from iTunes or following this direction

And if you have a Blackberry, looking at the Blackberry App World you will find various free and paid applications that will help you to search and play videos from YouTube.

One free application is this on mobile phones, the application works with Flash so that you can see the videos at a good speed, consuming fewer resources than using the browser. It is is reason we recommend you use the application and not the browser.


VLC Stream & Convert

VLC is the most versatile, and also free market video player. Its popularity is due to its intuitive and user-friendly interface, and in addition to the fact that runs on many platforms without any problems.

Thanks to the power of the desktop application, the version for Android VLC Stream & Convert devices is quite similar with the advantage of that as well as playing videos, also serves as a multimedia such as audio and image file viewer.

Another advantage is that users can view your movies with subtitles, even if the application configuration is somewhat complicated, insurance worth to enjoy their movies favorite on your mobile phone.

It has two versions, one payment and one free with fewer features but in essence with the same efficiency and power. You can download the free application by following this link

putlocker TV

Click here to download putlocker TV

Movies online

As its name implies, this application allows you to play movies online, divided into categories for your best search.

The what’s new section, allows you to view the latest titles added to the catalog of films, also offering the possibility of viewing the original formats of the same. A great advantage for movie buffs and true connoisseurs of the seventh art.

To download this application, follow the following link & hl = is

There are occasions in which one you want to download the movies and not only see them, since it is possible to not have a permanent connection to the internet but want to watch movies at another time without being connected. There are also applications that will help you in this difficult but not complicated task, then discuss some applications download movies free.

MarchTube for iPhone

If you have an iPhone and you enjoy the videos and latest movies; and also download them to your phone, then this is the application suitable for you. With this application you can download free movies safely and quickly.

The application interface is simple and intuitive. Entering for the first time, you will find the list of the most popular videos; or if you want you can find the video on the tab of the same name. After having the list of videos, to download them it is enough to click on one of them and will pass to the list of downloads.

Once the download is finished, it is possible to transfer video to your PC using the SSH connection.

Advantages? The simplicity of the application, as well as the speed of download.

You can download the application by clicking on this link

YT Manager for Android

Like the Marchtube for iPhone, this application allows you to download videos from various platforms to then view them without being connected to the internet.

This application allows you to download videos and customize files, you may choose the quality in which you want to download the video, the path of the folder in which you want to save it, and also gives you the option to download only the audio in mp3 format. You must take into account that the size of the file depends on the configuration of the features mentioned above.

Another advantage of this application is that it allows multiple download files. Then, it is not necessary to download the videos one by one, you can do it all at once.

You can download the application by following this link:

Operator YT HD

On this platform, there are many videos in high quality format, and this application allows us to download them.While it is true they occupy more space, the definition of the image is very good.

How does it work? It is very simple, just copy the path of the URL of the video of this platform, open the application and paste the link. Then you must choose the format in which you wish to download (standard or HD) and also the file type, they can be avi or mp4 which are compatible with iPhone and iPod.

The advantage of this application is its simplicity and speed, as well as the versatility since the entire process is performed from the same window.

Then wait no more and test these applications for PC and mobile that will help you to have a fun time without leaving your home.

10 best fitness apps for iPhone and iPad

Aplicaciones para hacer musculación

The new potentialities of technology allow us to have our iPhone with proven practices training and first-hand advice on the best and most effective ways to reshape our body. With these applications you can train yourself at home or at a gym, dispense with a personal trainer and make your own exercise plan. Either way, you will see that lifting weights, or take an ideal balance between metadrol protein and carbohydrate can be easier than you think. 

Fitness Buddy

Now with support for iOS 8, Fitness Buddy has penetrated deep into the preference of many bodybuilding enthusiasts. With almost 2000 routines of exercises for men and women, and a powerful graphics system to know the progress of your muscle mass, Fitness Buddy is intended to take your workouts to the next level, much more effective and enjoyable. It is noteworthy also its so cool integration with devices iPhone health application.



Full Fitness

The reviews from customers who have tried it support itself alone the quality of this product. Full Fitness contains hundreds of videos and instructions to exercise properly. Its range of possibilities is immense, as covers including cardiovascular routines and stretching exercises, training for professionals and initiated plans and even allows you to define a custom diet to optimize your results. It has no comparison.



Personal Trainer

What could be better than having your own personal trainer? If you need a step by step guide to show off a slender body next summer, this application will help you get it with plans effective and specialized in every area of your body. Whether you need to develop your biceps or your femoral, with this application and its instructions for audio can reach your goals in a short time. In addition, will serve to do yoga, climbing, or running.

Aplicación para hacer musculación Entrenador Personal



With the motto “one step at a time”, myWOD encourages its users in daily goals with simple, yet effective workouts, and may be stored in the cloud or compare them with the rest of those made previously. Graphics generated by this application, as well as the control system for your body weight and the video tutorials included, are some of the features that incorporates. We love it.

Aplicación para hacer musculación myWOD


Fitness Builder

This application stands out for the variety of profiles that includes. It can be used well by an amateur or a professional weightlifting with lots of encouragement. Physical therapists may also make use of the benefits provided by Fitness Builder, among which are: more than a thousand workouts organized in several disciplines, specific plans of training, integration with the app HealthKit, compatibility with multiple devices and platforms, calorie calculator and much more.

Aplicación para hacer musculación Fitness Builder


JEFIT Workout

A personal trainer in our pocket. JEFIT – developed by Washington DC Personal Trainer certainly qualifies as one of our apps preferred by its social dimension, since it is possible to share your routines with the rest of the community, and get advice and support to further develop your muscles. In addition to the more than 1300 exercises, you can create your own plan and focus on your goals, JEFIT will take control and help you reach them.

Aplicación para hacer musculación JEFIT Workout


Men’s Health Personal Fitness Trainer

If what you’ve always wanted is to have a perfect abdomen or a few well-developed biceps, this application will be very useful. You can create your own system of training (or choose from 450 already elaborated plans) and print it in PDF format. Then, learn what is the best way to make your series with video tutorials that updated its content each month.



7 minute challenge

A very interesting proposal able to allege that really everything you need seven minutes of daily exercises. Obviously, it is an application focused on those people who, by the day-to-day work carried out or the workload they have, just they have time to exercise. In this sense, the application includes an alarm to remind us the hour of training and full guidance on format audio timer. Do not miss it.

Aplicación para hacer musculación 7 Minutos Reto



Connected via WiFi to our scale, Trainingym product details of muscle mass, metabolism and concerning our body fat levels to establish a comprehensive analysis and develop the ideal training. In addition, the implementation schedule our sessions daily and weekly with all kinds of exercises, from guided to functional training machines. Finally, you can publish your achievements on Facebook or Twitter.


Push Up Trainer X

Simple and straightforward. Push Up Trainer knows that a muscular body is not achieved in a day, but that the constant training is the key to enjoying a good physical form. The application divides his training techniques at various levels according to your physical preparation and gives you a personal trainer and several video tutorials that thumping and shape your body with only a few minutes of daily training.

Push Up Trainer X


Pocketbooth: The classic photo booth in the camera of your mobile phone


Available Android: Yes available iOS: Yes price: € 1.53 Android | €0.89 Apple

Developer: Project Box tested Version: 2.1.1

Pocketbooth is a fun app with which you can take pictures as if you were in a classic photo booth hire melbourne, obtaining beautiful photos with a good finish and splendid quality. In addition, you can share them on social networks or get them printed.

The application is very simple and easy to use, because it does not contain menus, but that when opened, will be shown directly the viewfinder of your camera, with some options at the sides: at the time that press, take you 3 or 4 pictures followed with a slow flurryYou will know the exact time of each catch, since it implies you with a red light, if you wish to change “your pose”.

At that time you can enjoy your photo booth pictures film. You can apply different filters, but always before taking photos, from the configuration of the app, not later, so you can not do first photo and then go changing filters to see which you like most, so you’ll have to first choose the type of filter you want to apply, and then see if you like. In addition, it has some advanced filters of payment, if enough people do not seem to you as includes the basic version.


Once you have your photos, you can see the result, and here comes one of the best things about the app: you can save your picture in your mobile reel or folder where you store photos, share on Twitter or Facebook, and you can even print the photo for AirPrint in that time or have they sent them you printed on quality mail paper for about 2-3 euros (taking advantage of this (, you can send them want to put the address of your friends, relatives, etc… and put a note in the photos on the back).

Within the configuration, you can change both customization options aesthetic photos as settings of the functioning of the camera app: you can choose the type of effect (up to 5 in the basic version), types of contour, style of paper… as well as changing the time between each catch in photo-taking sequences, AutoSave, Geolocation , flash, etc.

In short, an app that is fun to use your smartphone’s camera, ideal for self-portraits, pictures with your partner, with friends in the photo booth, always endearing style and this time, it comes with a very simple style and offers a great finish.

The best: Easy and fast, with a well finished pictures with quality that you can save or get physically.

The worst: Narrow range of filters and only you can choose before taking the picture and is only in English.

The best Android apps for lovers of books

There is no excuse for not reading. Of on the way to work, travel, in the evening before sleeping or waiting on the bench to your coach you remove Finally, sure you always have your phone at hand. And If you have your phone, you have thousands of cheap ebooks with which to enjoySo do not miss this list with the best applications Android for lovers of books where you will show as interesting apps such as Google Play Books, Kindle, Aldiko, Moon + Reader, Cool Reader, Whattapad, and Audible.

Las mejores aplicaciones Android para amantes de los libros
Google Play

Google Play Books

We started this list with the free app to read most downloaded books from the internet, and that it could not be other than that developed by the Googlegiant. Google Play Books is a simple app for Android that allows you to read books in different formats, and that also offers you a quick way to buy books through the Google store, from best sellers to rare books. It has in its database as well as a good amount of free books.

Las mejores aplicaciones Android para amantes de los libros
Google Play


The Amazon book reader launches its application also to make the leap to the Android platform, where you can choose from more than a million and a half of titles either download booksclassics for freeOrganize your own library with Kindle and enjoy the good experience of browsing and reading, with multiple possibilities of personalization, from the size of text to the background color. You can consult the built-in dictionary words or search for words within the book.

Las mejores aplicaciones Android para amantes de los libros
Google Play


Aldiko is not so well known as the former but applying it the good references from its usersIt supports different formats and is fully customizable to fit your tastes in reading. This is the free version, although there is a paid version with some improvements, such as the absence of advertising, the possibility of writing notes and the existence of a desktop widget.

Las mejores aplicaciones Android para amantes de los libros
Google Play

Moon + Reader

I like a lot the multiple possibilities offered by this reader. You cancustomize it with different themes, which include issues of day and night, for an more relaxed night reading experiencetopics. Moon + Reader allows you to create your own gestures to develop up to 15 different events, such as word search, access markers or the font size, and offers up to five different forms of reading navigation.

Las mejores aplicaciones Android para amantes de los libros
Google Play

Cool Reader

Cool Reader is another book reader that supports multiple formats for reading and offers the characteristics of this type of application, but we put it on this list by a peculiarity that makes it a little different, and is the ability to Customize different background texturesThus, if read feeling the rancid flavor of the ancient books and forget about you like so you are reading in a kind of small computer, you can place the lines of Don Quixote onparchment paper to feel immersed in the time of Cervantes.

Las mejores aplicaciones Android para amantes de los libros
Google Play


We left readers to one side and now we are talking aboutWhattapad, an application that allows us to access a huge database with more than 10 million free books, from writers enshrined to authors. In addition, the application keeps you up-to-date about improvements in books, reprints and notes of the authors, to further deepen the experience of reading.

Las mejores aplicaciones Android para amantes de los libros
Google Play


You want to read but you have eyes and hands busy on something else? Maybe the answer is Audible. This application is used to access and Preview books narrated, with a library of more than one hundred thousand books, that Yes, almost all in English. It has very interesting features like sleep mode, with which you can listen to a story in the bed and the application will shut down at the time that you’ve scheduled it so that you can sleep peacefully.


How to have parental control to block porn pages in Google Chrome

Niños usando un ordenador de forma segura

Internet is a great source of information for all users of all ages, however, can also be a source of danger, especially for children since, within the information that can be found in the network also can be accessed without much difficulty to websites unsuitable for under-age users.


Parents are having to control young people, especially below certain ages, but it is understandable that they may not be consistently outstanding websites that are visited and which not, so the best way to have control over the content that you can visit and the is not through a software paternal control that allows that configured correctly, only loaded in the system some harmless web pages of east london escorts being blocked not suitable content.

There are several standalone applications for parental control but most of them are only compatible with Windows and Linux and Mac users out of this stand. In this article we are going to explain how to install a control software paternal in the form of extension for Google Chrome so that any user that this browser (or one derivative) use may protect children regardless of the operating system being used.

One of the extensions of paternal control more powerful to block inappropriate content when browsing the web is “WebFilter Pro“. This extension examines thousands of web pages a day and catalogs them in different lists according to their category for them to block by block or individually. The only requirement that we have to use this extension is installed on our system have the Google Chrome browser.

You can download WebFilter Pro in a way totally free from the Chrome app store. Once installed on our browser a yellow icon will appear to the right of the address bar. If we click on it will open the extension configuration panel.

WebFilter Pro control paternal google chrome foto 1

The first thing we’ll do in this configuration menu is protected by a password so that we prevent that controls can be modified. To do this, we enable the option “Enable Password Protection” and introduce our data from the Cloudacl website (if there is no account created on this website we can create it for free).

Once password protected the unauthorized access to the configuration, activate the program alerts so that when the young man tries to access a website not authorised, apart from block access, we receive a notification by e-mail to find out. So we go to Alert Settings section and activate the option of email.

Finally at the bottom we have the different filters. We can block the websites in two different ways:

  • By blocks depending on the content of the websites.
  • Black list

We also have a white list that will allow access to any page blocked by either of the 2 previous methods. This is very useful, for example, for false positives that it may be on the block lists.

The only thing we have to do is mark the categories that you want to block (weapons, porn, games, drugs, viruses, etc) and add other pages to the black list of blocked addresses. With this it is our filter operating and protecting children. All we must do once configured is to uncheck the “Toolbar Button” button to avoid that you access this menu from here and Mark setting button “Kids” to close the panel and need our email and password if you have to access it to make changes.

WebFilter Pro control paternal google chrome foto 2

From the moment when the user tries to access an unauthorized web will receive a notice from blocking the web like this being impossible to access it.

WebFilter Pro control paternal google chrome foto 3

A simple way to protect children in a few seconds and effectively. The dangers that abound in the network increasingly are greater, therefore apply suitable measures to protect the most vulnerable.

Do you know other parental control software?

- See more at:

How to promote a mobile app in 12 steps

Now that you know the benefits of having an app on your company and know much develop it, you need to know the most important thing: How to promote a mobile application to get downloads. The budget that you have devoted to the creation of your application must be similar to that it destinarás on the promotion of it. That does not mean that all the steps are paid for, there are many creative and free ways to start your marketing plan.

From the simple choice of the name, to the creation of a tutorial video of the app, through to the dissemination of content and the selection of keywords. Here are the first 12 steps to promote an application. They are not all needed, you can select those that best suit your budget and goals… you decide!

1. starts with the choice of the name

The name of your mobile application must be unique and easy to pronounce. You should include the most important of your business keywords and provide clues about the problem that will resolve the user who choose to download it.

  • Try to not pass of 12 characters
  • That it is suitable for SEO. It uses terms that consumers enter in search engines when they think about mobile apps.
  • Opt for a compound name can be a good choice, for example as do WhatsApp or Evernote.

There are sites such as Dotomator that you can give ideas of names related to words or specific categories.

2. chooses the correct your application category

You must choose a category and a subcategory for your application. Although a priori seems simple, there are many apps that are not identified with, in this case should be thinking about the user and ask the following question: in which category my potential clients are? The selection of the same will be determining factor in the promotion of the application.Once launched you can change the category in each update.

3. create an icon and amazing screenshots


As in all businesses, the first impression is what counts. When it comes to promoting an application visual design will be key in the decision of the client. And that initial design of a PPP is no more (nor less) than a launch icon and several screen shots that explain the content.

The icon is what will differentiate your application. It must be sufficiently attractive to highlight among thousands of similar icons that you will share a same Showcase: app store. Features that should be included are different depending on whether it is for iOS or Android.

The best choice is publishing a draft for a freelance designer to help you in the creation of the best icon for your app, as well as in the design of the website or landing page.

Before deciding if or not the application, the user also download screenshots which should describe the functioning of the app will find several.

promocion aplicacion

These are some of the objectives to be fulfilled the screenshots of an application:

  • Cause a feeling of exciting and informative on the application.
  • Explain what makes the app. If you have to include a screenshot with personal data to explain something important, you try to replace it with one which better simulates this situation.
  • Convince users to download the application.

4. type a title, description and keywords

The choice of the keywords, as happens with content marketing, can determine the success or failure of an app. In fact, there is already the SEO concept adapted to the mobile channel:ASO (App Store Optimization). The application stores will be increasingly competitive and you must exert yourself so that your application is at the top of its category. If you want tochoose the best keywords to promote your app, follow these tips: How to choose the keyworkds, marketing of apps.

5 build a landing page simple and attractive

For the promotion of your application you will need as a minimum a landing page that explains the most clear and concise way what you can offer to your potential customer. We show you some examples of landing pages well developed to promote a mobile application.

  • Mosaic: an application of photography.


  • Localmind: an app that perminte send questions and answers on what is happening in specific places.


  • Ecoki: A reader for iphone only.


Among the most recommended programs to create landing pages are Unbounce andInstapage .

6. create a blog and share your contents

Content marketing is important in all businesses, and more if we talk about ecommerce or mobile applications. You must write contents that interest your potential customers, get in your skin and fasten them with useful information. When will you begin to receive organic views, includes a banner from your landing page on the blog and you’ll see as soon increase the downloads of your app.

A good way to start to promote a mobile application is building the blog a month before the release. You can tell the construction process and the advantages of your app. You will also to receive the first doubts or suggestions of future customers.

A good example of a blog to promote an application is Buffer. Updated content to journal of interest to its audience and very shared on social networks. Unique advertising introduced is a banner to your landing page remains static in the right side of all its contents. The conversion of the majority of its readers into clients is assured.

7. promote your app in social networks.

Anything you don’t know. Using social networks to promote your application daily: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus, are indispensable. In addition something as simple as including a link to your application in all profiles you have social media will help you safe in the promotion. It is also interesting to create a Board at Pinterest with images from the blog, computer graphics or all kinds of visual content identified with your application.

8. reviews of the application in specialized blogs

This step is that will bring you more benefits in the long run, but also which requires more effort. Appear in media and specialized blogs is the best way to promote an applicationmobile. An example of this type of blogs is DesarrollaApp. You also get to increase your downloads so amazing if it appears on pages such as Atrappo or Appgratis .

With one only an expert review can convert your application a success. To begin you will have to contact sites where you want to go out and send press releases to the media, both online and offline. To be prepared before launching your app, brings together everything you need: images, press releases, biographies of the founders, logos, guest-post, contact bloggers and journalists who might be interested…

9. create a video of your mobile application

You don’t have to necessarily be a video tutorial or explanatory. You can create a video that invite reflection, which is fun, creative, or that simply tell a story. The important thing is that the user will feel identified and want to learn more about the application.

10. offers a promotional price

If your application is for payment, it offers a promotion at the launch for example of €0,99.This type of pricing encourages customers to buy.

11. uses Analytics for mobile applications

Own stores apps, App Store and Google Play, provide basic analysis tools which should be complemented by the use of other tools. In this way you can make a full monitoring of the performance of your application, as well as their distribution and profitability. The most recommended are:

12 includes pay advertising into your marketing plan

If the above options are not sufficient to promote your mobile application, you can include pay advertising. In Google Adwords , you can find all the options offered by the search engine to promote your app and generate more downloads. The choice depends only on the budget that you want to invest in the promotion:

  • Use the Display network or the search network.
  • Use AdMob, the network of mobile advertising from Google to promote and monetize mobile applications. Other mobile advertising platforms are Inmobi and Millennialmedia.
  • Promote your application announcing you in other applications, for example with Tappx.
  • There are also apps like Tapjoy recommendation affiliate programs or Tap for Tap, among others.

If you want to start promoting your app or design your website or landing page, tell us what is your project and we will advise you so that you find the best freelance. You can also sign up for free at LanceTalent and post your own project for permanently launching the app for your business do it now!

Highlights of Digital Marketing in Mobile Appication Developing

Every entrepreneur is aware that increasingly is more frequent the presence of mobile devices in the daily life of the people and which has also reached a large presence in the Digital Marketing. But many companies despite knowing this information, still do not understand the importance of properly integrating it in a digital strategy.

Mobile user

Digital marketing mobile strategy could be defined as “those actions that generate value and increases the profit of a company, in the medium and long term”(according to fire 2016). And to reach that goal, the main part is in the mobile client, but do you know how could you identify this mobile user? You will find the answer in the following keys:

1. Sales funnel

The user’s PC is different to a mobile user, since both sections have access to different content in different ways and at different times.

Consultations through the mobile are often short but deep, i.e. users do not browse for 3 hours looking for a product or service from a mobile. However, they act impulsive detected once the need and this is where come into action. It is therefore important to identify the needs of this type of user, to become that “brand” reliable and friendly that can help solve their problems and needs.

2. It distinguishes target market

If you know very well to mobile users, you know that they “do not lose time visiting 5 or 6 web sites”, it is likely that it will open a maximum 3 websites. And what happens if the information is not useful or takes long to load the page? There is one of the main objectives of your digital strategy!

3. Mobile traffic

You have already defined certain characteristics of the mobile client, including their lack of patience to perform searches on these devices.

Therefore you must try to solve that problem, to achieve mobile traffic, and that this ultimately is seen reflected in a possible sale.

Do you know how to achieve it?
Easy, this will depend on the following: ease of navigation, adaptive and intuitive design of your website and the right tone of communication. This marked primarily the choice of the customer prior to focus on prices and other comparisons with your competition.

4. Efficient positioning

If you don’t have a version optimized for mobile devices, chances are Google consider your website how irrelevant or of little utility for the user, therefore, all the efforts of its Marketing Digital strategy will not get the expected results.

These are some important clues so that your company can get a greater link to mobile users. If you have not yet achieved this objective, you can count on our Agency’s Marketing Digital, inventive Click, which will give you the best strategies and digital platforms with a proper optimization, according to each device.

The use of programs to spy on children, couple or employees is illegal

There are ways to discover a spy if you suspect that someone is accessing your personal information. Here are some practical keys to detect suspicious activity and follow their tracks.

Programas espías en tu ordenador

You come home after work and turn on your computer. You don’t know why, but you get the feeling that it is not in the same State in which you left it. It is not the first time, and you begin to suspect that your partner may have some interest in knowing what information save on your computer. The next day, you decide to leave the computer with some open windows and to your back remain open but not in the same order. Anything you don’t like is there.

You’re working at home, your partner has gone shopping, or at least, that’s what you said.You see your open Facebook login and a direct message with the subject “you miss”.Close it desconcertad @. But the next day, think what will be your strategy: a spyware.You install it and you have access to your direct messages from Facebook.

Your hij @ has the extran days @. He spends many hours chatting on the computer and does not already come out with friends. You fear that you’ve known someone who is not who claims to be.

Is it legal to instant checkmate review?
No is your partner, friend, family member or hij @ with who live, no one is legitimate for direct access (as we previously discussed in another post on the remote control) to the content of your personal information and violate your privacy. Does not need to carry out some type of modification, alteration or damage in the system such as copy, subtract your personal files, delete e-mails or talks of Whatsapp, obtain and even to change the passwords for your different applications. If it goes beyond, install you a Keylogger. All of these actions are the crime’s discovery and disclosure of secrets, of which I speak both.

If the excuse is a parental control that consists of knowing which pages to visit your child, you have to bear in mind that the keyloggers recorded not only the access to websites with adult or inappropriate content, but that includes all its activity, who chat and the content of the talks.

Long eye with consent or authorize this type of spyware at home or at work. They record your browsing history but also keys and passwords of all the applications that you use or the conversations that you keep through e-mail, instant messaging and chat. That left it;very personal and intimate actions that nothing have to do with what you are doing in your home or at your company. Skirmishes, talks little rise special tone and amiguit@s that are far from mere checking if your children visit pornographic sites or if your employees access social applications during working time.

That your son is less not justifies or entitles you to read his personal communications;they are so guaranteed their right to privacy as any major.

How can you spy?
By installing a Keylogger, that records all the keystrokes and, depending on their technical specifications, any process that you run on the computer. Spy there is also software for mobile phones or devices with GPS Service.

You will not be detected at a glance
The Spy will not want to leave footprints. They are sophisticated and stealthy. They are to control what you do on your computer. This type of programs stored all the keystrokes keyboard, keys and pages visited on the Internet unless you give it. Some even take screenshots and send by email the information collecting.

If the software spy it installed on your mobile phone through the SIM card, you can see the content of your conversations, sms and your phone’s phonebook.

They are not good times for rematches
Beware of kits spy “family”. Sale on the Internet does not mean that its use is legitimate.The solution is not to turn spy into spied. Despite its illegality, if you decide to make that dark decision, it can become a “game” addictive and dangerous.

How to discover if someone is spying?
You can have a keylogger installed long unless you’ve noticed it. Playing in the domestic League, it is very likely that at the end you can give with your spyware inexpert @, since sooner or later will leave traces that enable you to detect it.

We will distinguish cases
Before you search for keyloggers, think that if you do not set any kind of physical security to access your computer, or you have the key targeted on a post-it, the Spy is as easy as sitting in front of your screen and start to tangle.

Any operating system has a few logs/records in which scoring is the changes made to the system. Someday your spy will leave physical traces on your computer. All the important actions that take place on a computer, as for example, the start of the session, are recorded in the system. Evidence of completed applications, network resources and processes is also running. This information is saved in different files on your computer, the where depends on the operating system.

It is likely that your spy accessed web applications, so will be key to check the cache(memory of websites that are accessed frequently), the history of search and navigation.

It is also possible to know if connected USB devices or memories to copy / steal data, recover data that you have deleted and your access codes to application changes.

Before you search for and open files to your spy Hunt, you should know that opening any file modified dates of access to them, which prevents to establish exactly what happened on the computer. If you manipulate it at your own risk, you run the serious risk of altering evidence. Whether you are or not an expert user, you will be difficult to check these accesses and records, so it is always advisable that you take it to a computer expert to make him a forensic analysis.

How to know if there is a keylogger or hidden files
If you can examine running processes in memory and execution, you can check if there is something new and unknown running in the background. Taking into account warnings, better than not you make any modifications.

If you’re not going to report the facts, there are anti-keyloggers programs that detect your installation. These programs scan all drives hard diskremovable drivesmemory, records, individual folders and monitor all the calls that perform processes with respect to the file system or registry of Windows, so you will alert if there is evidence that our conversations are being captured by means of software. However, it is like everything else, there are no 100% effectiveness.

If you opt for hard disk encryption it is a technique invulnerable but is better that you notes you well the key because as you lose it or forget, you lose the information. There is also a software VPN, which encrypts all your movements on the Internet.

As you can see, alternatives have many but, perhaps, talking to the person that you suspect and establishing a physical security system with a simple password, avoid making detective.

Google will never let erotic applications be published in the Play Store

While explicit pornography has always been prohibited, the erotic content is now included.

As part of an effort to keep the Play Store safe to be used by users of all ages, Google will soon change their policies for application developers to also prohibit erotic content applications.

While Google has always forbidden explicit pornographic content on its applications store, there are several erotic Play Store applications, such as typical applications of wallpapers of sexy women or hookers montreal showing most of its attributes or outcall escort in london, and that usually reach a high place in the world rankings.


Google sent an email application for Android developers to tell you new changes intheir policy of the Google developers Play programme, which consists of the subtletythat where previously said that you prohibiting the explicit pornographic content, theynow added the phrase ”or erotic content”.


What it does this mean for users who are not developers? Simply that they mustdownload erotic applications from other app store, or that they should begin to enteryour favorite porn site by the navegador.Como in an effort to keep the Play Store safeto be used by users of all ages, Google soon changes their policies for applicationdevelopers to also ban erotic content applications.


While Google has always forbidden explicit pornographic content on its applicationsstore, there are several erotic Play Store applications, such as for example typicalapplications of wallpapers of sexy women showing most of its attributes, and thatusually reach a high place in the world rankings.


Google sent an email application for Android developers to tell you new changes intheir policy of the Google developers Play programme, which consists of the subtletythat where previously said that you prohibiting the explicit pornographic content, theynow added the phrase ”or erotic content”.


What it does this mean for users who are not developers? Simply that they must download erotic applications from another app store, or that they should begin to enter your favorite porn site through the browser.

25 Marketing applications for Iphone

This week we present a list with our applications for Iphone Favorites and that we use every day. We hope to enjoy it as much as we :)


1. Google Analytics iDashboard


This simple application will allow us to have a dashboard with the main KPI’s from our web site. You can access them from anywhere. It’s free, easy to use and very visual.


2 Analytics Pro by Thomas Blackburn

Access your Google Analytics with this application and get all the data you need at any time. It is a bit expensive € 5.49, but in our opinion it is the best in its class :)


3. Quicklytics

This application also connects with Google Analytics and gives you info about the number of visits, page views, bounce. It presents very clear graphics and costs a little less than Analytics Pro, about € 1.59


4 SEM Calculator


Very useful application that allows you to play and make transactions with CPM, CPC yCPA. It also offers conversion tools. It is free.


5. PPC Publisher

It cost a whopping € 13.99, but should you take Adwords campaigns and you want to make changes, optimize, pause campaigns or whatever, this is your app.Everything is saved in Adwords.


6 Website SEO Analyzer

Enter a domain and will automatically create a report of the same. Performs an analysis and diagnostic SEO that will help you to identify which areas you should make more efforts. Is free.


7SEO Advisor


Implementation SEO very complete and easy to use. It can give you some ideas on how to optimize for search engines. It allows to track pages according to keywords or phrases and also offers recommendations. It costs a €0.79.



8. SERPs

Another application for SEOs. Generates reports Ranking for specific keywords and your domain. Available only in English for now. It’s free


9. Dropbox

Application free allowing you to take all your photos, documents, and videos to all sites. Any file that you save in your Dropbox will be automatically saved on your iPhone, iPad and the Dropbox website.


10. Evernote

If you don’t know it you will immediately fall in with this app. Turn your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into an extension of your brain and helps you remember everything that happens in your life. It is also free.


11 Keynote Remote


With Keynote Remote, you can control your Keynote slide pass in your Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch from another iPhone or iPod touch in the room. Keynote Remote works with Wi-Fi network. It costs a €0.79 and it is worth!


12 GoogYou Search


If you miss search in Google, you can now do it with this application. Includes searchable by voice (much failure) and also Google Goggles, service recognition by imageIt is free.


13 Bump

With Bump sharing is as easy as toast with another iPhone. You can share photos, apps, music, messages, locations, contacts and events. Bump is a cross-platform application that works on iPhone, iPad and iPod. The best thing is free :)


14. Stumbleapon

This application allows you to find photos, videos, sites and relevant blogs matching with an area of interest. You can choose to keep certain profiles. It is also free.


15 Free Wifi Finder

With this application you may you more concerned about the connection. It offers all networks Wifi (free and closed) according to your location. It has more than 300,000 networks in 140 countries. It is also free


16. Scribble Lite

Convert your iphone screen on a small whiteboard where you need to put your ideas on “paper”. Very useful in meetings with customers, to explain a concept or simply to draw whatever you want. The Lite version is free, and you also have the paid version.

17. Domain Scout

These in a meeting and your client asks you how to know if a domain is already caught? This application shows you the available domains and gives you suggestions. Very useful and simple and also free.


18. WordPress

Manage your blog from your Iphone with the application of WordPress free. You can reply to comments, create or edit posts, add pictures or even videos.



19. Reeder

You can synchronize the application with your Google Reader, then send it to your Instapaper to read or even share it on Facebook or Twitter. Don’t miss read a document!. It costs € 2.39.


20. Instapaper

It costs € 3.99 but is of those applications that you take party to stop. You can save items in sites to read them later and select various options on screen display. It’s great for long articles or save interesting articles and read them in the metro!

22. Tweetdeck

With TweetDeck, you can monitor and manage your Twitter accounts and Facebook at the same time. The interface is very simple and convenient and allows you to create columns for your different feeds. It is free.


23. Hootsuite

Hootsuite offers you a lot of things and freeIt is very useful for managing your Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare accounts from a website, making the simple management. You can also view statistics. As a networking tool, I recommend it personally :)

24. Mashable

Official application of where to receive the latest news from the largest blog dedicated to Web 2.0 and Social Media News. All free.



25. TED

Enjoy on your iPhone with discussions of the most fascinating people in the world. More than 900 TED videos at your disposal (added more weekly). Is alsofree.



If you know of any other application that have left us in the dark, do not hesitate to share it with us!