Pocketbooth: The classic photo booth in the camera of your mobile phone


Available Android: Yes           Available iOS: Yes

Price: € 1.53 Android | €0.89 Apple

Developer: Project Box tested Version: 2.1.1

Pocketbooth is a fun app with which you can take pictures as if you were in a classic wedding photobooth, obtaining beautiful photos with a good finish and splendid quality. In addition, you can share them on social networks or get them printed.

The application is very simple and easy to use, because it does not contain menus, but that when opened, will be shown directly the viewfinder of your camera, with some options at the sides: at the time that press, take you 3 or 4 pictures followed with a slow flurry. You will know the exact time of each catch, since it implies you with a red light, if you wish to change “your pose”.

At that time you can enjoy your photo booth pictures film. You can apply different filters, but always before taking photos, from the configuration of the app, not later, so you can not do first photo and then go changing filters to see which you like most, so you’ll have to first choose the type of filter you want to apply, and then see if you like. In addition, it has some advanced filters of payment, if enough people do not seem to you as includes the basic version.


Once you have your photos, you can see the result, and here comes one of the best things about the app: you can save your picture on the reel of your mobile or folder where you store photos, share on Twitter or Facebook, and you can even print the photo for AirPrint in that time or have they sent them you printed on quality mail paper for about 2-3 euros (taking advantage of this (, you can send them want to put the address of your friends, relatives, etc… and put a note in the photos on the back).

Within the configuration, you can change both customization options aesthetic photos as settings of the functioning of the camera app: you can choose the type of effect (up to 5 in the basic version), types of contour, style of paper… as well as changing the time between each catch in photo-taking sequences, AutoSave, Geolocation , flash, etc.

In short, an app that is fun to use your smartphone’s camera, ideal for self-portraits, pictures with your partner, with friends in the photo booth, always endearing style and this time, it comes with a very simple style and offers a great finish.

The best: Easy and fast, with a well finished pictures with quality that you can save or get physically.

The worst: Narrow range of filters and only you can choose before taking the picture and is only in English.


How to lose weight with a bracelet of activity and mobile application

Lose weight, slimming, flat belly, “six pack”,… are recurring searches every day on the Internet.Miracle pills, strips in the form of night cream, slimmers, diets of all kinds or abdominal devices flooding the network and the programs of “Teleshopping” promising “immediate” results. In this article you won’t find magic diets to lose weight, or lists with the “5 tips to lose weight fast” and much less the recipe of a miraculous cream of Tibetan seeds that you will lose weight while you sleep. With this post I intend to give a paragraph from the above point of view, checking the utility of the activity as a tool for weight loss and control our weightI do not get into issues about that diet is more efficient (Dunkan, paleo, artichoke, detox,…) or if running is the best exercise for weight loss or is preferable to another type of activities, but if I will present several examples such as measuring the variables involved is easier to control our weight. To define that diet to follow, that feeding is correct or that exercises are most appropriate for each person, there are professionals in different fields of health and sports which you can assess with rigour, because if we just trust what Dr. Google suggests for weight loss.

We may think that we have to put the love handles in the thermomix with a few teaspoons of cinnamon while we dance zumba, riveting us needle whenever we want to eat something sweet or perform the same sessions of hypnosis that helped us not to quit to lose weight only.

The problem of being overweight.

Obesity and overweight is becoming a pandemic with serious health effectsAccording to thewho, more than 13% of the adult population is obese and 39% are overweight and is no longer just a problem of rich countries. Overweight and obesity are a major risk factor for diseasessuch as diabetes, heart disease and disturbances in the musculoskeletal system such as osteoarthritis. The overweight is not an aesthetic problem, is a health problem.

According to who, the main cause of overweight and obesity is the energy imbalance between calories consumed and expended:

  • Increase intake of calorie foods high in fat, salt and sugars.
  • Decline in physical activity as a result of the increasingly sedentary nature.

If we assume that obesity and being overweight is a health risk and not only an aesthetic problem and that its main cause is the imbalance energy (or calories), the solution should be easy: reduce caloric intake and increase physical activity. This would make the caloric balance is negative, making our body it consume the reserves stored in form of fat to get the energy we need.

The slogan of a few years ago: “it is easy to lose weight, ask me how?” not is can get away more than reality. Weight loss is anything less easy. We know people who take half a lifetime diet and fail to lose weight, or if they do, returning to take weight over time. Both enter a correct feeding as abandoning the sedentary lifestyle means drastic changes in our habits. Changes that will make you buy another type of food, change the shape of Cook and incorporate sport into our rhythm of life. Too much effort in changing our habits to continue losing weight blindly.

Pulseras actividad gps

Bracelets of activity: A tool to control our weight.

What is not measured not can be controlled, and what not is not controlled can be improved. This ‘mantra’ has accompanied me on much of the work that I’ve been. “Roughly” we know that running an hour will burn more calories than walking. We also know that 100 g of watermelon will provide fewer calories than a chocolate cake, but as happens in other walks of life, as with the Bill of “light” or savings, if we are not aware of how much you earn and how much we spend, the shock at end of month may be very “fat”.

To date, our unique tool to control weight was a simple scale. Every time we weigh us and see if there has been “lucky” with the diet and exercise that we were doing. How much, the dietitian recommending us a diet of “X” calories that we attempted to follow more or less, but we were still going blind for our purpose of slimming.

With bracelets of activity can reduce considerably the uncertainty having enough reliable data of our physical activity translated into calories burned. Next to that record, the brands of bracelets of activity have complemented their mobile applications with databases where determine thecalorie containing natural foods (an Apple), many processed foods (Nestle chocolate bar) and even up to the calories in a big Mac. With these mobile applications can simultaneously keep track of the calories we eat and the calories burned.

In short, a bracelet of synchronized to a mobile application activity becomes a tool to register the main variables to control our weight:

  • Calories consumed
  • Calories burned or consumed.
  • Weight (Kg).

So far I’ve tried several bracelets, monitors and watches allowing to track our daily activities:

  • Garmin bracelet vivofit and vivosmart.
  • GPS watches Garmin Forerunner 15 and 3 Phoenix
  • Watch Polar M400
  • Jawbone UP24 bracelet and monitor UP MOVE
  • Bracelet Fitbit charge.
  • GPS watch Suunto 3 Ambit

Make the activity log all very similar, offering data quite real on the steps and distances travelled with each of them. At the same time, Fitbit and Jawbone brands have inside its own mobile app, fitbit also from their website, the option to register our meals. Garmin and Polar not included in your app this service, but daily activity data can be synchronized with the mobile appMyFitnesspal, the biggest existing portal for registration of calories. Suunto brand synchronizes with a portal similar to the previous, but less known: Tictrac.

In short, with almost any device that record our activity, be it bracelet, monitor or watch, we will have a mobile or web application where we can enter the food. Applications that facilitate thevisualization of the calories consumed compared to the calories consumed as we can see in following chart that gives us the Fitbit mobile application.

Control and registration of our activity (calories consumed or burned)

In terms of physical activity, common sense should prevail in any decision we make when it comes to change our sedentary lifestyle. If we have spent years sitting on a couch, not want to contest a marathon in three months. Want to recover years lost in a few weeks, only it will take us an early injury and pulling down one of the two pillars to avoid overweight: increasing physical activity. The introduction of sport in our life must be progressive, preparing the body to this new State and avoiding that extreme tiredness or stiffness prevent us unless we take this new routine. It must not forget that the simple act of walking already is an activity that is beneficial to our body, we burn calories and the final intention is to increase our calorie expenditure not winning an Olympic Games.

In this magnificent article Loles Vives, specialist in sports nutrition, you can read more about howaffects the exercise caloric expenditure.

bracelet of activity will be recording our movement through internal accelerometers and, depending on our age, sex, weight and height, it will transform the movement into calories burned by means of algorithms of calculation of each brand. These algorithms include, in addition to record our activity, also adds estimated the calories of our basal calorie expenditure: the calorie consumption of our body to maintain basic body functions.

Keep a record of our activity also help us, through the achievement of the daily objectives, maintain the motivation to achieve the global goal we propose. Currently, most bracelets synchronize these data automatically with our mobile or simply by pressing a button, so that at all times we will know if we are fulfilling the objectives in that day or week.

If you have a bracelet of activity compatible with a heart rate monitor (vivosmart, vivofit or polar loop) or because carrying it integrated, as a Fitbit Charge HR or Jawbone UP3, bracelets canregister more accurately the caloric expenditure of activities specific, either a walk or a session of cardio at the gym. Check our rate heart while we do an activity, as well as helping us improve our physical form and avoid any shock, also facilitate keep effort within the range of heart rate where our body uses in higher percentage fat for energy.

Control and registration of the calories consumed.

I will not cheat, this is the most tedious part of the registry to control our weight. If calories burned by our daily activity are recorded automatically, you will have to search the food we eat in the database by hand so that they are registered, or at least at the beginning. Days can be heavy, but as we will food, introducing the system is learning and categorizing these foods as frequent increasingly easier your search and registration. In the second/third week we will give account which breakfast nearly always the same, that fruit at meals always tends to alternate between two or three varieties of season and almost 80% of the meals have already introduced it ever, being much easier to keep the record as we are using the same application.

Mobile applications, for Fitbit, Jawbone, or Fitnessmypal have a database of foods both natural and processed incredibly extensive and differentiated by country. For the registration of food in each of the five recommended food we can find it simply by entering the text and choosing the correct (or the most similar) from the list of possibilities offered by us. Once selected we will indicate the amount, whether in grams, slices, chopped, milliliters or any other unit on the basis of the food that is and will add it to a meal hours set by the mobile application.

Example of record food on FITBIT mobile application control weight and activity.

The majority of applications categorized foods we are introduced as “favorite”, recent or frequent, so we won’t have to search for “http://www.foreverbetter.co.uk/green-coffee-bean-max-works-for-fast-weight-loss/” whenever we have because you will have on any of our custom lists. Likewise, as well as to seek food by entering the name, we also have the option of creating food or custom recipes or even read the barcodes of containersusing the camera of your mobile phone and the information of that food.

Registration of food by searching for bar code on the package.

Register food not will serve as much if we have a disordered diet and do not abandon calorie foods and sugars that they provide only ‘useless’ calories. These mobile applications often bring quite clear and personalized nutrition advice based on our records of food. Make 5 meals a day or the maximum amounts recommended by food type would be two examples of this:

Type of food by food myfitnesspal

In any case, my only recommendations are carry a diet more varied possible, make sure that the sources (journals/websites) that we consulted are reliable and with any questions or problems, consult with professionals accredited nutrition and dietetics. Informative way, we leave some of the more important tips published by nutritionists on this website:

  • Reduce beverages and foods with added sugars.
  • Make at least to 5 meals a day (breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, snack and dinner), leaving between each meal more than three hours of difference
  • Eat fruit and vegetables on a daily basis (without are fresh and seasonal produce much better).
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid drinks with gas and/or alcoholic.
  • You can read more tips on how to have a healthy diet in this article.

As a final point I would say No you you obsesionéis with the exact calories or grams of food to enter data, the tool is just that, a tool that will help us to control our weight. The data will never be accurate 100%, there will be meals which will not have clear as enter them and will do so by similarity. But processed foods (almost always the most caloric) is collected in a precise way.There will be no problem to register a chocolate donut mid-morning or a banana in the afternoon, maybe our grandmother stew will be more difficult to find, but in those cases, always try to spread by food or look for something very similar that already exist as prepared foods. In short, better sinning by excess when entering calories and also serves as a help to you guiéis for your feelings of satiety after food.

Energy balance: calorie ingested less calories consumed.

The idea is simple, once we control both parameters, if you want to lose weight we must ensure that the balance between calories eaten and consumed by our activity are negative, in a way that the rest of necessary energy comes from our fat deposits. All applications allow us to set a target of weight in the medium term and indicates which is the caloric deficit that we must have every day to achieve it. My recommendation is to establish deficits realistic and always advised by our doctor or nutritionistBracelets of activity along with mobile applications are a control tool nothing more, can help us lose weight and to understand why we lose, but only the correct union between food and exercise will ensure us to lose weight.

Testing tool: 21 days counting calories and exercise with a bracelet of activity.

In the purest style of television programs “21 days with…”, I have been recording activity, and meals from March 27 until April 22 with the clear goal of losing some of the pounds that I left over in a more or less short time. So, I took the test I am doing to the Fitbit Charge HR activity bracelet.The first step was to indicate my profile data: age, height, sex and current weight and which was my target weight. With these data the mobile application determined daily calorie deficit (ingested calories – calories burned) to reach target weight in the proposed time.

The truth is that not all the days I got to achieve that deficit, but always kept me below the calories burned, as you can see in the chart below. I also took one day long exercise (orange on April 4 peak) to allow me to certain luxuries and only one day ate more than what was actually spent. In summary, 2 kilos less in almost a month without killing me hunger, plenty of exercise and eliminating almost all the sweetness and alcohol.

The graph above is elaborated with a worksheet from the downloaded data (csv or xls) from the section “reports” of the Fitbit website, but how in all applications will be able to control this caloric balance in weekly or monthly graphs.

Keep track of meals provide us other valuable in our day to day, information such as the distribution of food between meals (picture shown above), which are the most widely consumed foods (in my case, I think that you live coffee with milk) or the caloric composition of our diet.

In addition to lose 2 kg, in these more than 21 days also I have been able to:

  • Know that foods with empty calories or calorie.
  • Realizing that a menu Bigking xxl, with large potatoes and Coca-Cola can ruin a whole week of weight control or know that I need 90 minutes of continuous race to compensate so much junk food.
  • Distribute the amount of food in the food different in a correct way.
  • We deserve to enjoy some whim in those days where by the physical activity we have done
  • Be aware that there are days in which it had to contribute more or less food in function if I have made sport or if I’m going to do the next day.

Until very recently, whenever someone asked me that what were these “gadgets” used to answer that to measure steps, distance, receive notifications on the mobile phone, but in the future would serve for much more. After nearly a month with my diet I can say without fear to be wrong that theactivity bracelets are used to control our weight. The combination between our diet and exercise will be who mark the success when it comes to weight loss, but taking a log of calories consumed and burned will reduce the uncertainty associated with weight loss, being fully aware at all times whether our strategy is correct or not.

Control your weight with new free application

adel3 Controla tu peso para adelgazar con una nueva aplicación gratuita

Many of you often eat in summer? (Despite having the intention of losing weight or lose weight, since but the bikini will show those pleats accumulated during the winter).

If this is your case, perhaps you can be useful the new free app controls your weight, developed by the Centre of research INFIT (phytotherapy) and the Spanish society of nutrition and Food Sciences (SEDCA) to help lose weight in a healthy way with diet and herbs.

This software allows to calculate the index of body mass (IMC), as well as the calories eaten at every meal depending on the foods that make up the diet.

It also includes a listing of medicinal plants to complement a weight loss program and a system of geo-location of the nearest pharmacies accredited INFIT as consultants in phytotherapy.


According to a review conducted by INFIT 2,400 people, nearly half of women have made diet in the past year, especially young people. “One of the first steps that should be when it comes to losing weight is to know how many pounds we spare and how many calories we need to eat to situate ourselves in our ideal weight. If we don’t have a good perception of our weight is difficult to lose it in a healthy way”, warns Jesús Román, President of the Scientific Committee of SEDCA.

In fact, a study published in February in the journal of Nutrition by the SEDCA reveals how the Spaniards weigh more than what they believe after interviewing more than 9,000 people. This difference increases with age and is more pronounced in the case of men. 

adel12 Controla tu peso para adelgazar con una nueva aplicación gratuitaWith the app controls your weight you can calculate BMI and know in what situation we are, if you are overweight or obese, and guides us on how weight loss with the help of a healthcare professional.

The application includes a calendar in which you can enter food taken each day during breakfast, mid morning, food, snack and dinner, on the basis of a list of products distributed by categories such as oil and derivatives, fish, cereals or fruit and vegetables, among others.

The system will calculate the total calories consumed each day. The use of this type of application is very advisable and useful because they help to raise awareness about the importance of following a healthy and balanced diet,” says doctora Pilar Riobó, Associate Chief of Endocrinology and nutrition of the Fundación Jiménez Díaz de Madrid. In summer often neglected more diet because we make more meals away from home. With this app you can manage meals and control us when we have exceeded‘, says. “

Another recommendation of the experts is the of “put in the hands of a health professional, either a physician, a nutritionist or a doctor, to undergo a weight loss program when it is necessaryRiver”, Professor Román advised. It should include diet balanced, practical moderate and regular physical exercise and, if necessary, medicinal plants for pharmaceutical dispensation allowing healthy gradual loss.

It is important to acquire these medicinal plants in the pharmacies, “where has prepared standardized that they comply with the guarantees of safety and efficacy and in which we receive the advice of health professionals better trained in herbal medicine, the pharmacist”, says shell Navarro, Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Granada and President of INFIT.

In fact, the last may INFIT launched a program of continuing education for pharmacists in order to update their knowledge of medicinal plants to reduce body weight. All those who have passed the course they have received accreditation as consultants in phytotherapy in overweight and their pharmacies have been included in the geolocation of the applicationcontrols your weight systemwith the aim of facilitating the search for those more specialized in this area offices, adds.

Among the medicinal plants that can help weight loss in a healthy and gradual are theglucomannan, fucus and plantago ”which are satiating or decrease the absorption and the appetite. Also the garcinia, “that inhibits the lipogenesis or accumulation of fat, and which help to eliminate fat, such as green tea or soya, the green coffee - guarana, or raspberry ketone.”Another plant that can also be used for its cleansing action is the artichoke.



The first application is for those book lovers , because we could say it’s the IMDb reading: register our library of books, receive recommendations based on books you’ve read, and a community full of readers and authors that interact with the excuse discuss books.


At the time we named as the Spotify of books , and not without reason: let us reach a wide selection of free books(5,000 books), but also a subscription model (€ 8.99 per month) we gives access to a total of 200,000 titles . In addition, developers are very outstanding with user feedback.


The true potential of Kindle is in the giant library that supports applications and with Unlimited Kindle can read every book you want (and that are under the service) for € 9.99 per month. It is essential if you have a Kindle at home, since it bears your reading wherever you want uncomplicated thanks to the synchronization between devices.


It can also be the case that you have your own digital books, a small library of files that have been created over time, and want to read those books on your Android anywhere. Aldiko is one of the most customizable readers of Google Play , and the application can read both .epub and .pdf .


It is known facet of storing documents of all types (who has not reached the page looking for information), but you may not know his face subscription service: US $ 8.99 per month and have a huge library within reach without limits any kind, something like much to love reading.


Continuing the path to read our own archives, Moon Reader is one of the most complete reading applications far : Material design, compatibility with multiple formats, and many customization options that will delight the most demanding users. You can try it free, although some features are unique to a paid version.


Although other customer Material Design that stands out is that of Google, what we’re going to cheat: located halfway between reader of our own books (we can raise both EPUB and PDF to our library) and reader of books we buy to through Google Play. For many it is the perfect reader, and it is worth a try but can not convince at first sight.


Still having .epub and .pdf files to read, but none of the alternatives proposed so far convinces you? Universal Book Reader could be the solution to your problem, since it has lots of options with nice design , and even has a book store integrated with over 560,000 books in 9 languages.


Many times we talk about privacy in social networks, how we are increasingly vulnerable at times by our own practices and sometimes by the practices of “pirates” of some friends, couples or other controlling persons who take advantage of applications know everything you do and every move you make. Sometimes playing against us and sometimes we can help. And yes, we like it more or less, whether or not we agree, these apps are a reality and a fact rather hard we try to avoid them go away. So you better know our enemy and be aware to know against whom we face, do not you think? Let’s do this!


7 spy apps for Android users @ ETIC not go though surely not bring it to practice, once you have liked to know where was your boyfriend or girlfriend to the wee hours. Do not believe us but who have created Cell Tracker , an app that every half hour the spy sends your location. And not only serves to Extra jealous partners also own heads may be collecting data about each step you take during and after work. Come on … it’s not to be spoilers, but if you complain of not having a mobile company … still are in time to change your mind!


7 spy apps for Android users

Always look on the bright side of things, and being “spy” is not always synonymous with evil.Sometimes and more today with such recent cases, parents are concerned about the safety of their children. It is normal, we understand it or not, we seem more or less drivers, when we are young and we went out we really helpless against a madman. Surely one app will not stop anything, but if you give parents peace of mind … why not take advantage of new technologies? This is what makes Children Tracker , make the best of my spies to know where your child is at all times. It is sencillita to use and only need to install it on the  smartphone,  make it work, hide app and start not stop looking at your phone to control the child. A blessing for parents and a nightmare for teenagers.


Shhh, I do not listen! Yes, there are the shots. Typical situation where you are trying to put your ear to find out whispers of others. What an awful thing indeed! Anyway … so then you say that you do not care small “housewives”.The app that amplifies the sounds around has up an equalizer to improve the sound. A little freaky yes, but at least if you know someone who has Ear Spy , you already know that it is an incurable gossip.


Ideal for operations “ in the act “ . If you want to take a picture or record a video without anyone knowing … Mobile Hidden Camera is your app! It is well hidden and nobody will know you are taking photos or capturing a video on a memorable conversation. It certainly has all the ingredients to become one of the most dangerous app. That tremble famous! You know … be careful what you say, not going to be that you are being recorded and then casting a go. In all sure just inhibitor also in our pockets.


7 spy apps for Android users

Actually this application and performs the same function as many others. For example and without going further with Poke, the Facebook app you can also get your messages will self-destruct in a given time. However, if what you mola is the roll of spies and interfaces as a little roll spies … S py Message secret agent yours! (Personally I think the dumbest of all we’ve seen so far).


As there are curious, there are also cautious or do not want prying eyes.For this reason Hide Private Contacts, an app that protects your contacts as calls and hide your agenda anyone take control of the phone and it’s not you. Moreover also automatically deletes the call log, no one will know who you relate!


This is the best! Surely more than once you have liked to receive a call to escape a boring conversation, embarrassment or just shake off the heavy right. Yes, Secret Agent Fake Call could also be called “saved by the bell” and is that this app can record conversations, personalized messages and schedule them to know when receive. By pretending … you can even give an identity to the invisible friend! Anyway … the coolest of all the apps and it can actually save more than one trouble on many occasions.

Psychic Friends Network announces new mobile application for revolutionizing the psychic industry

Network , Inc. (OTCBB: PFNI), a marketing and entertainment company that offers a la carte psychic advice as well as daily and weekly horoscopes, today announced a new marketing strategy for the mobile Mobile industry .

PFNI industry is developing psychic services for the first time fully mobile smartphone / tabletapplication (mobile applications). The application mobile of PFNI be introduced within about six weeks with a special offer introductory free text message.

The new mobile application is expected to be particularly attractive for PFNI “Generation X” (18-30) and the “Generation Y” (31-44) target, while reducing advertising costs and streamline messaging between PFNI psychic and customers. The mobile application is also expected to significantly increase the use of one of the most traditional, Psychic Friends older audience, many of which research indicates are changing the service smartphone.

“This is a very important not only for the Psychic Friends Network progress, but for the whole psychic services industry,” said Marc Lasky, CEO PFNI. “Our research indicates that among the customer base of under 40 years, the new mobile application could quickly become the primary means of seeking psychic services. Among our more traditional customer base, the new general application could increase the use of its accessibility. 

According to a recent study by Nielsen, 62 percent of Americans aged 25-34 now use smartphones. That, according to Neilson executive Dan Kellogg is a “critical mass.” The Nielsen study also revealed that 40 percent of young people 45-55 have a smartphone, with the increasing number of around 5 per percent per quarter. It’s like reports, Lasky said to have helped stimulate PFNI to introduce their brand mobile applications industry psychic service.


said that “while reinforcing income, new mobile application can also significantly reduce advertising costs, while substantially increasing ROI. According to recent studies and market trends, mobile advertising is still cheaper than internet advertising while providing a much more effective reach. “

“The Psychic Friends Network mobile application confirms our commitment to PFNI the dominant force in the service industry billions of dollars psychic “Lasky said. “I will not make any prediction battleships – I’ll let our professional psychics. But I will say this: I hope that the new mobile application PFN will rival, and even exceed, PFNI TV and incomes in more conventional line within a very short time. And our free will offerings push message that success. 

on the Psychic Friends Network, Inc. 
The Psychic Friends Network, Inc. (“PFNI”) is a marketing and entertainment company providing on-demand psychic advice as well as daily and weekly horoscopes. PFNI connects customers with psychic readers live via telephone (mobile and fixed) and through its newly developed technology the most advanced online platform that allows interaction with video chat, voice or text chat. PFNI pioneered the industry’s memorable Psychic TV / Radio marketing and infomercials generating nearly $ 1 billion in revenue.

Please visit our corporate website at http: // www. psychicfriendsnetwork.com / investors-relations
For more information about our PFN, check http://www.PsychicFriendsNetwork.com 
or contact Investor Relations: Ryan Troup + 1-866-363-3984 or email go (a) PsychicFriendsNetwork (dot) com http://www.circadian-group.com / pfni.html


Forward-looking statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements, including statements containing the words “believes”, “anticipates”, “expects”, “intends” and words of similar meaning. These statements involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results of operations or results to differ materially from those anticipated and discussed herein.Important factors that the Company believes might cause such differences include: (1) the concentration of the assets of the company in one industry segment, (2) the nature of business of the Company (hereinafter as defined) (3) the impact of changes in economic conditions; and (4) the actions of competitors, including pricing and introduction of new products.

Applications of new technologies in dentistry: iPhone 4


The purpose of this article is to present how technological advances made in recent years in the field of telephony with the emergence of smartphones, may have application in the world of dentistry. During the same, we will list and describe some applications available for the iPhone 4, specific for dentists (youtube.com), other health staff focused to any branch and other common use among the general public, but which could be very useful in our daily work .


The purpose of this article is to expose how the new technological advances experimented in the recent years in the field of telephony with the advent of the smartphones which can have an application in dentistry. During the article we are going to enumerate and describe some applications available for the iPhone 4, some application are specific for dentist, other applications are focused for any health personal and another applications which are common used among general public but may be useful in our daily work.



When little over 20 years ago appeared the first analog cellular phones in our country and began widespread use, with the emergence of service Moviline and subsequently in 1995, using the GSM telephony (1), no You could think that what initially were sullen, heavy, bulky screens monochrome liquid crystal only allowed to make calls and send text messages at considerable cost devices were to be converted into machines capable of hosting in a single device, a camera, internet access, music player, PDA, or become capable of supporting ultra minicomputers endless useful in both our private and professional life applications (“apps”), the latter which We are going to be interested in the development of the article, through which we will not consider the phone just like a machine for communication, passing also consider it an essential tool helps in daily clinical work ( Figure 1 ).

The decision to focus the article on this particular model of smartphone and not on others with similar characteristics (Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, etc.), which have a different operating system iOS is based on sales success that this model has experienced in our country since its launch on July 31, 2010, becoming a worldwide phenomenon that goes beyond the phone with the appearance of more than 350,000 applications (2), although many of the things presented here would apply for other models (depending on the characteristics). There are applications that currently only available for iOS, although the trend is to be equated with its highest competitor and increasingly more applications available on the Android Market (2) (Figure 1).

The features of the iPhone 4 individuals, summarized in Table 1 (3), make it a very useful tool support for all kinds of professionals, since a single device capable of housed discreetly in a pocket, can customize and make it our professional profile so that you always have at hand, with a readily available, the tool or help needed.Hence the advantage that the author gives the iPhone 4: There are many devices on the market able to do the same and even better than the iPhone 4, as they have more power, but none can do everything the iPhone 4 He is able to do and offer. The advantages of the iPhone are clear: the size of a mobile standard is capable of holding a camera, a minicomputer, a medical library, an image viewer, text editor, a translator and a long list of features, some of which will detail more in depth.

Its size also come disadvantages, and is not used as the initial user can find more comfortable using larger screens, such as those offered by tablets or traditional computer screens and the use of non-conventional tactile keyboards. Like any new instrument, the iPhone requires a learning curve to maximize their potential, but its intuitive operation makes any average user is able to manage without problems in just a few days of use, achieving higher levels of satisfaction to the of its competitors (4).

Users of smartphones in Spain dedicated, according to a recently published by Digital Life (5) study, an average of 1.8 hours per week into social networks and 1.5 the use of mail, although we are still below the European average.

Applications (“Apps”)

Applications are a set of programs or tools that allow users to perform various tasks, and can be downloaded via the terminal, either by connecting to the App store via computer or terminal itself using its capabilities wifi, or by his own line phone.

The number of available applications exceeds 350,000, including no GPS navigators, image editing programs, music playback, video playback, agendas, games, management programs, electronic books, etc. The number grows daily, so that the user is constantly in search of new applications that personalize your iPhone and adjust it to your needs, improving performance.

A series of specific applications of Dentistry available for iPhone, with its features and applications that can be given in daily practice will be discussed. We will classify them into 3 groups: patient education applications, applications for medical consultation and other applications.

Applications for medical consultation

iMedimecum (6)

Castilian application that allows access to clinical and pharmacological information on all drugs marketed in Spain, including trade names, composition, dosage, indications, contraindications, interactions and side effects ( Figure 2 ).

The application has a search engine name with which to locate the drug and access the product information.It is also possible to search by anatomical group, in which the family of stomatological products, where the antiseptic, antifungal, fluorine, saliva substitutes prepared for thrush and other specific preparations of our territory of action appear. Search by laboratory is another option, although in practice it is less interesting.

Currently available for other applications such as the “Vademecum” (7) or “Vademecum” (8), with almost the same features and similar management, but with changes in the interface.

DDS GP (9)

English application that allows us to explain to the patient, through images, the development of their disease or treatment performed.

Figure 3. Applications for medical consultation: DDS GP.
Figure 3. Applications for medical consultation: DDS GP.

Includes over 160 diagnoses and procedures arranged alphabetically or by category, such as diagnosis, prevention, periodontics, restorative, crowns, cosmetic, endodontics, prosthodontics, implants, surgery and orthodontics.

For explanation to the patient, each entry has both animations and drawings, and photographs or radiographs depending on the case ( Figure 3 ), being also possible to import our own pictures if you want to supplement or enhance the information that the application has by default.

It is also possible to develop a treatment plan to the patient and send via email.

Lexi-Dental Complete (10)

Very useful application, in English, that enables access quickly and intuitively to a large number of relating to the world of dentistry resources. It is the most complete implementation of this type available today.

Includes access to 17 different databases (Table 2) on the most varied fields of dentistry, covering a range of subjects that the clinician can consult and injuries ranging from soft or hard tissues, pharmacology or endodontics. These databases are multimedia and text accompanying more than 1,000 images and radiographs as well as numerous diagrams, tables, and clinical guidelines ( Figure 4 ).

A very important feature of this application is that it is constantly updated, allowing users access to new material with a frequency much higher than most market applications.

QV-GlodMed (11)

The Universal Encyclopedia of Dentistry is a multilingual application (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese) which contains definitions and descriptions of over 5,300 terms of Dentistry, as well as illustrations of many of them.

The usefulness of this glossary is its functionality as international reference guide, allowing not only see the definition of the term, we will have previously consulted in the search engine that implements the application but also its translation into any language displayed by default ( Figure 5 ).

Oxford American Handbook of Clinical Dentistry (12)

Application in English, useful as a reference guide for quick reference on any topic related to dentistry. It covers all dental specialties including references to means of diagnosis, treatment or even recommendations for the patient ( Figure 6 ).

As the above applications, has a search engine of terms with which speed up the search and make it more intuitive.

Applications patient education

Such applications are essentially a collection of images, drawings or photographs and even videos that serve as support to explain to the patient the development of their disease or treatment.

With this type of aid programs a higher level of knowledge and understanding of the treatments that are proposed to the patient is achieved, resulting in increased confidence in the professional, facilitating the acceptance of them (13, 14).

DentAll prosthodontics (15)

It is an application designed to assist the dentist in the day-to-day clinic, which has more than 60 images to illustrate different types of prostheses. It also allows the possibility to draw directly on the illustrations by using a simple design tool, allowing us to explain to the patient directly on the couch prosthetic treatments that we are proposing performed ( Figure 7 ).

It has recently come to market an application of this same company called ‘Dentall removable partial denture designer “which delves into the field of prosthetics in planning, design and development of partial dentures.

SuturesVideo (16)

Application in English in which we are shown 12 different types of stitches that can be used in oral surgery indications, advantages and disadvantages and videos explaining them ( Figure 8 ).

Dent-pix (17)

Application in English, which contains 23 high quality animations of dental disease (periodontitis, caries, etc.), treatments (root canals, crowns, veneers, etc.) and even explanations about the benefits of becoming a new denture or motives placing a full coverage crown. The application includes a large quality images of each of the animations. Control the playback speed of the images may be either manual or automatic, enabling program it according to our speed of explanation, allowing stop where we want to stress ( Figure 9 ).

It has a simple drawing tool with which to strengthen our explanations and optional text windows with information.

Miniatlas Dentistry / Miniatlas Dentistry (18)

Figure 10. Applications patient education: Miniatlas Dentistry / Miniatlas Dentistry.
Figure 10. Applications patient education: Miniatlas Dentistry / Miniatlas Dentistry.

English-Spanish bilingual application that facilitates the communication with the patient through images and text, allowing the patient to understand the anatomy, physiology and pathology related to your oral condition. This makes it possible to educate the patient about the type of treatment, as well as on possible limitations of the technique, from understanding higher levels of satisfaction and safety in the treatment that is going to make it succeed.

The contents of this application are sorted by category (anatomy, physiology, diseases of hard tissues and treatments, tissue pathologies and treatments insertion, occlusal conditions and treatments, dental implants, preventive), allowing even send to patient information via email, home directly without leaving the same ( Figure 10 ).

Other applications of interest

Within this category of applications we will include all those not belonging to either of the other two groups are useful for the dentist. Some of these applications are designed specifically for our field of professional activity, while others are available to any user, but its functionality can be useful to us.

Dental Spanish Guide (DSG) (19)

Designed to facilitate communication between English-speaking and Spanish-speaking patients dentists. The application consists of more than 650 audio phrases relating to dental issues, which find phrases commonly used in our office, with which favor the dentist-patient communication allowing interaction between them in case of no language proficiency ( Figure 11 ).

Is developing the inverse version of the application, which will allow the dentist speaking patients communicate with English speakers.

Collins Spanish-English Dictionary pro (20)

There are many applications that consist of dictionaries in the App store, you can get us out of trouble in the event of having to care for foreign patients. The Collins is one of the most popular and complete, including more than 55,000 entries and 100,000 definitions.

This same company there are similar apps for the French, Portuguese and Italian ( Figure 12 ).

Toothbrush hours (21)

Application, unlike all views so far, is focused on patient and not professional, but can help the patient to maintain an acceptable state of oral health, essential in the long term success of our treatments.Recommending this download our patient, we will help motivate your daily hygiene.

Basically consists of a programmable timer with time we wish, with animation that will be telling the patient the areas of your teeth that brushing should go.

It also allows the patient to remember when was your last dental visit and purchase date of your current brush ( Figure 13 ).

There are many applications with similar characteristics such as “timetobrush”, “Brush” or “tooth camp.”

WhatsApp (22)

Platform mobile messaging application that replaces SMS and works through the existing data plan online at our terminal.

In practice it is a system that exceeds the SMS both functions and cost (in the resulting free practice), enabling us to communicate via text, for chat, with any terminal that has this application, virtually in real time as well as the sending of audio, video and images ( Figure 14 ).

That is why the author considers interesting use among colleagues of our guild or communicating with the laboratory, as it allows a consultation on the fly. The camera housed in iPhone 4, 5 megapixel, offers more than enough to carry on consultation an initial assessment being carried out quality.

Other applications

The trend today is to adapt software programs, which had originally only place in a computer, an optimized operating systems used in smartphones version.

Thus, for example, we have a software version of the Kodak RVG Trophy named “RVG mobile” (23) ( Figure 15), which allows you to view radiovisiografías directly on the IPhone, or “iRomexis» Planmeca ( 24) ( Figure 16 ).

There are also applications that allow access to specialized content pages in a fast and convenient way to “Gacetadental” or “Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry.”

It is increasingly common to find applications where we are shown all the information on events in the world of dentistry, including ADA Annual Session 2011 (25).

The dental insurance companies have also jumped on the bandwagon to offer applications to their customers as “DKV Dental Guide” (DKV) or “Vidacaixa Health” (Adeslas), through which, using various tools, finding the right professional port of call offering contact details. Also have similar applications the Caser, Mapfre, Allianz or Grupama insurers.

Toshl, the best application to have our accounts up to date and synchronized

Personally I find entertaining reckoning, which does not mean that sometimes prove tedious, and above all, laziness get to it. Therefore it is important to have tools like Toshl, the best application to have our accounts up to date and synchronized .

We present it little more than a made ​​between the five best applications for bookkeeping with iO S, but as since I have been using regularly and have found it even better, I wanted to come back to tell in detail all the party that We can get this free application, which also syncs with a web version also free.


Toshl Finance is essentially a Contract bookkeepers from Irenas  like any other, where we can target our income and our expenses, assigning labels, dates and all that sort of thing, just as it does with a lovely, cheerful and friendly interface so that does not give the feeling of being in front of another boring office software as with other applications of this type.

Reasons to use Toshl Finance

Toshl 2

As I mentioned earlier, one of the biggest advantages of Toshl is that besides the free mobile application for iOS (also available on Android, Windows Phone and even Symbian) also has a Web application that is kept synchronized.

This allows us to record the expenses just in time in which we perform, thus avoiding the hassle of having to remember what we have spent those euros that we lack in the portfolio to get home, and also offers the possibility of calmly analyze our finances from the comfort of your computer, without our accounts remain caged in mobile, as with most apllicaciones.

Toshl 3

Another of the great virtues of Toshl as mobile application is that we ask you to remember to aim expenses at a certain time, so we can not go to, because this is one of the biggest problems of Home bookkeeping: go leaving for tomorrow.

An interesting feature, I would also like to highlight budgets , is that with this application can set the output we want to do, either globally or for a particular tag, and we show a bar where we can quickly display what part’ve consumed.

Toshl 4

The graphics are also a big plus, allowing us to display information in many different ways. My favorite is the one that compares spending the last 30 days with the above 30 for each label, which gives us a reference if you are saving or not, and where we are getting there.

Also has the graphics classics that show the evolution of our expenses, either globally or comparing labels, and also one very funny showing all our expenses in circles whose size is proportional to the amount spent, which gives us a idea what we allocate our money.

Toshl 5

Neither is perfect

Toshl is an application that manages to make fun bookkeeping , but it is not perfect, far from it, and some inconveniences that can throw back to some users.

The first of these drawbacks is that although they are working on the translation, it is availableonly in English . Not that finances have to use many words, but if we do not master the language of Shakespeare can be a little less fun. The coin, though, can be customized and are available all the world, including euro.

Toshl 6

Another drawback, for me the most serious of all, is that not allowed to import costs . That is, if we export our data bank or other accounting software in a standard file (eg csv), there is no way to import it, so to use it you must start from scratch and introduce all expenses manually.

If you are a person with many expenses and little time, can be daunting having to point hand all payments made with the card, or receipts of light, water and others, very funny and cheerful regardless of the application .

Finally, not be overlooked that although both mobile applications and the web version are free, have certain limitations for basic accounts, as only you can point a monthly income or plan a single budget. However, I believe that for most users, is an easily manageable limit, so think Toshl is the best application to have our accounts up to date and synchronized .

Apps for your business management

Have mobile and are an entrepreneur? Here are six easy-to-use applications, from your computer or your mobile phone, which will help you in your day to day business AdShareMega  management.


1. Teamviewer

The first application is Teamviewer, which allow you to access from anywhere and completely secure to either your desktop PC form. This program provides us a total of  26 hours per month  free  operation. It is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry. If you need to know more about the application we leave personal opinions both techniques how users  who have already tried.


Two. Dropbox

This application allows you to  sync, share and manage files form our on-line  between computers or between computers with different operating system such as Windows, Mac, or Linux. Thus with Dropbox  have the possibility to have that  sync our documents  can share with others or working groups.


Three. Evernote

It is an application that allows us to  self-manage the content more important  to give us the option to save from notes written by us, screenshots, documents. Besides all these notes are  arranged chronologically  providing us allowing its use. In short, Evernote is like a clipboard that is always with you.


April . Lukkom

It is an application that allows us to  contact potential collaborators, partners and customers .When you open a profile in this application we put what we demand and it will give us the deals you find.We’ll leave a link below to  learn more this application, uses and advantages.


May. Things

A whole SUV Mobile application can  manage and synchronize your calendar , plan your tasks, notes and deadlines for your projects. Addition also has an application that you can have on your desktop, that allows you to synchronize it with the mobile application. Only operates for Mac

logo desk

6. Desk.com

Lets answer questions and communicate with your customers through social networks, discussion boards, chat, etc.. Real-time alerts when a customer has a problem. Stores a record of problems to generate automated responses. This application has a free trial version for three months.

Apple plans a “iWatch”? The rumors of a smart watch with glass Flexible

According to rumors Apple experiences a smart watch to be worn on the wrist are rumors circulating for several weeks, but to turn the spotlight spoke articles in The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. It would be a project at an early stage. From the press is referred to as the “iWatch”. Falls within the boundary of wearable gadgets, climbed onto the stage after the last CES show in Las Vegas. The newspapers of the United States argue that Apple is also considering other ways to push the boundaries beyond the iPhone and iPad. The price of apple iwatch is still unknown but is predicted by C6NA to be $299.

The New York Times claims that the device will wrap your wrist and will have as its operating system iOS: will be allowed to use software applications. It will also be equipped with a glass-resistant and flexible. For the display of the iPhone, for example, Apple uses Corning Gorilla Glass which has recently also developed the Willow Glass: may be bent and adapted to the shape of the wrist. It was Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple, Corning when he had to turn to the idea of ​​the iPhone in the pipeline. Until then, the Gorilla Glass remained a laboratory prototype is not yet marketed on a large scale. Apple did not provide comments on the questions of the New York Times about the existence of the smart watch.

But other information feed entries. The Wall Street Journal says that the Cupertino company is evaluating a device similar to a clock and with smartphone functionality. It would also have been in contact with Hon Hai Precision Industry which produces in its factories also iPhones and iPads.

A smart watch would be another area of ​​expansion for the iOS ecosystem. It would respond in this way to the glasses Google Glass: according to the New York Times, the group founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin expects 3% of turnover in 2015 will come from smart glasses are able to take pictures, record video and show email messages .