Toshl, the best application to have our accounts up to date and synchronized

Personally I find entertaining reckoning, which does not mean that sometimes prove tedious, and above all, laziness get to it. Therefore it is important to have tools like Toshl, the best application to have our accounts up to date and synchronized .

We present it little more than a made ​​between the five best applications for bookkeeping with iO S, but as since I have been using regularly and have found it even better, I wanted to come back to tell in detail all the party that We can get this free application, which also syncs with a web version also free.


Toshl Finance is essentially a Contract bookkeepers from Irenas  like any other, where we can target our income and our expenses, assigning labels, dates and all that sort of thing, just as it does with a lovely, cheerful and friendly interface so that does not give the feeling of being in front of another boring office software as with other applications of this type.

Reasons to use Toshl Finance

Toshl 2

As I mentioned earlier, one of the biggest advantages of Toshl is that besides the free mobile application for iOS (also available on Android, Windows Phone and even Symbian) also has a Web application that is kept synchronized.

This allows us to record the expenses just in time in which we perform, thus avoiding the hassle of having to remember what we have spent those euros that we lack in the portfolio to get home, and also offers the possibility of calmly analyze our finances from the comfort of your computer, without our accounts remain caged in mobile, as with most apllicaciones.

Toshl 3

Another of the great virtues of Toshl as mobile application is that we ask you to remember to aim expenses at a certain time, so we can not go to, because this is one of the biggest problems of Home bookkeeping: go leaving for tomorrow.

An interesting feature, I would also like to highlight budgets , is that with this application can set the output we want to do, either globally or for a particular tag, and we show a bar where we can quickly display what part’ve consumed.

Toshl 4

The graphics are also a big plus, allowing us to display information in many different ways. My favorite is the one that compares spending the last 30 days with the above 30 for each label, which gives us a reference if you are saving or not, and where we are getting there.

Also has the graphics classics that show the evolution of our expenses, either globally or comparing labels, and also one very funny showing all our expenses in circles whose size is proportional to the amount spent, which gives us a idea what we allocate our money.

Toshl 5

Neither is perfect

Toshl is an application that manages to make fun bookkeeping , but it is not perfect, far from it, and some inconveniences that can throw back to some users.

The first of these drawbacks is that although they are working on the translation, it is availableonly in English . Not that finances have to use many words, but if we do not master the language of Shakespeare can be a little less fun. The coin, though, can be customized and are available all the world, including euro.

Toshl 6

Another drawback, for me the most serious of all, is that not allowed to import costs . That is, if we export our data bank or other accounting software in a standard file (eg csv), there is no way to import it, so to use it you must start from scratch and introduce all expenses manually.

If you are a person with many expenses and little time, can be daunting having to point hand all payments made with the card, or receipts of light, water and others, very funny and cheerful regardless of the application .

Finally, not be overlooked that although both mobile applications and the web version are free, have certain limitations for basic accounts, as only you can point a monthly income or plan a single budget. However, I believe that for most users, is an easily manageable limit, so think Toshl is the best application to have our accounts up to date and synchronized .

Apps for your business management

Have mobile and are an entrepreneur? Here are six easy-to-use applications, from your computer or your mobile phone, which will help you in your day to day business AdShareMega  management.


1. Teamviewer

The first application is Teamviewer, which allow you to access from anywhere and completely secure to either your desktop PC form. This program provides us a total of  26 hours per month  free  operation. It is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry. If you need to know more about the application we leave personal opinions both techniques how users  who have already tried.


Two. Dropbox

This application allows you to  sync, share and manage files form our on-line  between computers or between computers with different operating system such as Windows, Mac, or Linux. Thus with Dropbox  have the possibility to have that  sync our documents  can share with others or working groups.


Three. Evernote

It is an application that allows us to  self-manage the content more important  to give us the option to save from notes written by us, screenshots, documents. Besides all these notes are  arranged chronologically  providing us allowing its use. In short, Evernote is like a clipboard that is always with you.


April . Lukkom

It is an application that allows us to  contact potential collaborators, partners and customers .When you open a profile in this application we put what we demand and it will give us the deals you find.We’ll leave a link below to  learn more this application, uses and advantages.


May. Things

A whole SUV Mobile application can  manage and synchronize your calendar , plan your tasks, notes and deadlines for your projects. Addition also has an application that you can have on your desktop, that allows you to synchronize it with the mobile application. Only operates for Mac

logo desk


Lets answer questions and communicate with your customers through social networks, discussion boards, chat, etc.. Real-time alerts when a customer has a problem. Stores a record of problems to generate automated responses. This application has a free trial version for three months.

Apple plans a “iWatch”? The rumors of a smart watch with glass Flexible

According to rumors Apple experiences a smart watch to be worn on the wrist are rumors circulating for several weeks, but to turn the spotlight spoke articles in The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. It would be a project at an early stage. From the press is referred to as the “iWatch”. Falls within the boundary of wearable gadgets, climbed onto the stage after the last CES show in Las Vegas. The newspapers of the United States argue that Apple is also considering other ways to push the boundaries beyond the iPhone and iPad. The price of apple iwatch is still unknown but is predicted by C6NA to be $299.

The New York Times claims that the device will wrap your wrist and will have as its operating system iOS: will be allowed to use software applications. It will also be equipped with a glass-resistant and flexible. For the display of the iPhone, for example, Apple uses Corning Gorilla Glass which has recently also developed the Willow Glass: may be bent and adapted to the shape of the wrist. It was Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple, Corning when he had to turn to the idea of ​​the iPhone in the pipeline. Until then, the Gorilla Glass remained a laboratory prototype is not yet marketed on a large scale. Apple did not provide comments on the questions of the New York Times about the existence of the smart watch.

But other information feed entries. The Wall Street Journal says that the Cupertino company is evaluating a device similar to a clock and with smartphone functionality. It would also have been in contact with Hon Hai Precision Industry which produces in its factories also iPhones and iPads.

A smart watch would be another area of ​​expansion for the iOS ecosystem. It would respond in this way to the glasses Google Glass: according to the New York Times, the group founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin expects 3% of turnover in 2015 will come from smart glasses are able to take pictures, record video and show email messages .

Marketing for Mobile Applications: The Role and tricks for making “pushing”

Do you have an app or a mobile game or ? That is wonderful , but not enough ! ” Android is the fierce battle , but not the app or game to attract customers in the first few days to load up the top 80 % understand that success will be difficult ” – Three Min an expert in the field said .


The truth on both the App Store and Google Play Appstore showed that 60% of the applications have not been downloaded and if an application to the top 20 , there are opportunities to attract users 4 times . In addition , if your application or really , just a few days , had a copy and with the assistance of a marketing tool , this replica picking up your target users and applications you become a pale shadow of the primary replica . Do you know of Zynga’s Dream Heights copied the idea from NimbleBit ‘s Tiny Tower , but to achieve greater volume than the original players so many times ?


The experience of the successful application indicates that a ” push ” ie large number of downloads and the ” top ” in a short time is one of the most important marketing factor determining the success of a mobile applications . Understanding this, the large and innovative companies know how to create the ” push ” to put their applications into ” top ” , and set the stage for the development effect after that. The company VNG and LINE is the example of the application of this campaign .


“ Spur ” in the marketing plan for applications or games on your mobile has two critical roles : One is , eliminating the risks mentioned above. Second, given its application to ” top ” on the store .


Recipes created ” pokes ”


To create a ” push ” these companies advertise extensively on a variety of channels , PR writing , review product reviews , create events , scandal attention , …. To implement the method , in addition to the ability to innovate is accompanied by huge marketing costs . However, this method is also more difficult to control because elements to create large number of downloads and faster , forcing them to run campaigns on many channels , many forms and at the same time it is difficult to measure and cost for a so downloads will be very high due to the overlap . Difficult to measure factors such as reader for mobile or PC ? How TO MARKET APPS ? PR articles , review impact how many users the correct phone platform ? CTR rate reached 1 % or lower , or not ? bid for CPC , CPI will increase how much ? How to reach the ultimate goal when advertisers only commitment that CPC is not downloads or installs ?


With so many uncertain factors such marketers ( marketers who ) do not control third most important KPI ‘s campaign , which is the number of users downloading the specified time with a given cost . Although the control will not matter because you have the budget “crisis ” for marketing , should eventually “pushing ” the majority will still be created . However, the very important contribution to applied to the ” top ” is the assessment ( rating ) of new users is a difficult criterion to achieve the secret of ” the master” .


Recipes titled ” AdLatte ”


Recently, a simple form of marketing , at a cost of almost anyone can use to become a “phenomenon ” in the market about the ability to put apps or games on his mobile “top ” in the store after a few days .


Mr. Trinh Van Tu , Techmedia Director said: ” In the past we have also used a number of vendors committed downloads but the amount they produce in a day is too small to improve the position of apps compared with methods other advertising or PR . Other AdLatte at this point is basically creating a large number of days or a few hours. We have had successful campaigns beyond expectations by utilizing the “top” position on AdLatte store by creating and running a few different marketing programs to support the position of ” top ” is displayed to multiple users , the results are excellent . ”


Commitment CPI ( cost per install) , AdLatte pushed many new applications to ” top ” and quickly improve the position location applications and have large number of downloads in a few days . Vietnam currently on the market , AdLatte CPI is the only solution to make the breakthrough .


Mr. Tran Vinh Thu , Digital Marketing Director of VMG Center said, “We ‘ve run a number of campaigns with them , in addition to increasing the number of downloads faster , AdLatte also has some important advice about the rating that other providers do not have to achieve our goals , Lemon Tea shop in 2013 is an example and is also the most recent game we AdLatte advertising . After 10 days we now have more than 11,000 downloads ”


Obviously , reached number thousands , tens of thousands of downloads in a few days is desirable even with the application of a long and reputable furnace . This tool brings an assurance of downloads , according to time and cost targets publishers . Marketer should not have to worry about how advertising messages to eye-catching article how to attract viewers , how to combat the mixed assessment of difficult customers or competitors …


In Japan , Korea or Vietnam , AdLatte development application is made ​​in the same way ” push ” . Location in the app store is great value to attract large number of users when they access the app store . According to the statistics 30 % of users download an app when they see the application is in the position of ” top ” . As a continuous circle of users will continue to help maintain applications in high- ranking positions in the app store .



AdLatte create a continuous circle , the number of users will continue to help maintain applications in high- ranking positions

Mr. Nguyen Van Long , Executive Director Gapit Communications Company , said: ” Mobile applications and games are a hot trend . But the experience of the marketing budget and limited release . AdLatte struck in this context is committed to key goals of a marketing campaign with a very good price . ”


Recipes created “pushing ” was based on the principle of two ranking Appstore and Google Play store ( some downloads , rise time downloads , user reviews , user level application … ) . Two ranked store will not take very objective factors ” backyard ” of the network , such as the store or other independent store . This , creates the most important reference and hit the consumer behavior of applications from which users achieve the ultimate goal .


One thing’s for sure , ” country” , you can use both solutions above, but if you do not have the marketing budget for AdLatte would be a perfect choice for you and the company .

Cross Channel Marketing – Effective Method of application for marketing plan

From the known digital marketing and development , in a natural way , we have focused too much talk about the approach on the digital channel . In this article I will cover how to effectively use and optimize digital channels to support and supplement each other .

Since when has a comprehensive strategy in stopping the use of multi- channel marketing including app marketing and digital and maximize efficiency per channel , creating a coherent strategy and promote each channel to achieve the same goal to create a push further and spread wider community . Let’s think about cross channel marketing as a way to connect using the same story in different ways to ” touch ” to the customer .

CrossChannelMarketing3 ID2967 Cross Channel Marketing – Effective Methods of application for marketing plan

Cross channel , Multichannel marketing is what ?
Before going into the complexities of cross – channel marketing strategy , review some basic terminology to avoid confusion . You can often hear about the concept of multichannel , integrated cross channel marketing or discussion purposes levied on the same segment of customers through multiple channels at the same time , but also some subtle differences should be noted :

- Multichannel marketing ( multichannel marketing ) or multitouch : In the past , traditional marketing campaigns often use only one approach to the target audience . Since time and attention as limited human , the business focused on creating marketing campaigns mixture is a combination of many different communication channels (eg social media , adwords , SEO , … ) to ” touch ” to the target audience through multiple repeated messages and create impact in mind the target audience . From the business that can maximize performance and extend the coverage of the marketing campaign . In an article in Target Marketing , chairman and CEO Dan McDade is PointClear recommend even ” touch ” and targeted at least 12 times , based on the following general results of his programs .

- Cross channel ( cross- channel marketing ) or integrated marketing : cross channel multichannel marketing is similar but has a more prominent feature : instead of targeting one hit with the same objects in multi-channel message , you use the different messages are sequenced into the system through various channels . As the email you send a picture , the message should include link or code given to other channels ( Facebook , website , … ) . Then you can direct your target audience to access them from a first channel to the other channels . This requires a more comprehensive approach in your plan , which means you need to bind to the object through the ” right ” channel and the ” right ” moment ..

CrossChannelMarketing1 ID2967 Cross Channel Marketing – Effective Methods of application for marketing plan

In fact from multichannel to cross channel marker leap , where the digital strategy is no longer a single tool that is codified into strategy . This difference has created a need for a creative process and implement new marketing plan , combining new approaches , new tools , and new partnerships .

Recipes for a cross channel marketing strategy success
First let ‘s review the different methods that you can use depending on the evolution purposes :

- Display Advertising ( Display Advertising ) : banner ads , video advertising , interactive advertising , …

- Email Marketing : Newsletters , email sales , …

- Paid Advertising in efficiency ( CPC , CPM ) : Advertising Google Adwords keyword , Yahoo! Search Marketing , advertising ad network ,

- Online PR . For example, PR articles , forum sponsored and consultancy

- Optimizing search engines ( Search Engine Optimization – SEO ) : on -page SEO , link building system link ….

- Affiliate Marketing : Cross- program collaboration , internal connection , …

- Social Media Marketing ( SMM ) : Group Facebook pages , Twitter marketing , Forum , …

- Content transmission ( Apps Gone Viral content ) : Guerrilla Marketing , viral video , …

- Optimize conversion rates ( Conversion Rate Optimization – CRO ) : Increases Click through rate – CTR

- Mobile Marketing : Brand SMS , SMS Customer Care , SMS by location …

How will you balance and use of this tactic effective ? That is something that all businesses want to achieve , the key to success is the only fiber connections between the channels. According to a study by Forrester , was introduced by Fast Company , pointed out that ” while most ( 78 % ) believe that cross business markting channel is critical , more than half ( 51 % ) still that their marketing campaigns fail due to lack of data analysis crossover between the channels. Actually, there is no perfect solution to help you manage all the absolute channel , the following knowledge to share with you a few ways to make a cross channel marketing campaign with digital channels do focus through the implementation approach and step by step :

CrossChannelMarketing2 ID2967 Cross Channel Marketing – Effective Methods of application for marketing plan

- Set goals : Listing precise purpose for which you want to achieve ( the level of awareness , revenue and customers? ) With specific numbers not only for the entire campaign for each channel that you will do out .

- Plan Details: From the objectives and resources , you write out a detailed plan of the main ideas , strategies and tactics from the first offer to do , who to do , and time is nothing . Effective strategy must come from the analysis and factual plus your creativity .

- Penetration : after building an integrated marketing plan to be prepared carefully and in detail, so please ensure that all participants are made ​​aware of the plan , both opportunities and risks risks involved .

- Creating a bridge : You may not own ( owned ) all marketing channels in the plan . The cooperation with the primary responsibility of each channel to ensure they understand the mission of the whole plan .

- Formalized : Remember your strategy is cross channel rather than just cross message . Bringing the message clear and consistent message to avoid misunderstanding between channels as well as instructions to ensure the right brand . Thus the target audience will understand the message of the strategy as well as getting the message that came from a business .

- Check adjustment : There is no comprehensive solution to measure the degree of success of the plan as reported by Forrester indicated . Use appropriate tools to test the effectiveness of each channel , followed closely by fluctuations in click and conversion ( conversion ) . Google Analytics is really an effective tool to check the power leads on from where the last channel and analysis of the activities which are subject to strategic decisions .

- Refresh and repeat : Even though your campaign is in the primary stage or near end , you always need to pay attention to detail in the results achieved trheo each channel and tweak as needed .

End of blog post will be an Albert Einstein quote for everyone , especially your work in the field of marketing and communications :